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Ladies Luncheon, Roatan Honduras

July 25, 2003 at the West Bay Zip Line Canopy Tour

Once monthly, the ladies of Roatan gather at one or another of the island restaurants to visit and enjoy some relaxing time with each other. This has been a Roatan tradition for several year started by Criste (of the Lucky Lempira). As you can see, these gals really take advantage of the opportunity to have some fun.

The July luncheon, held at Las Rocas Resort on West Bay Beach, was preceded by a great adventure tour at Roatan's new West Bay Zip Line Canopy Tour. Our new island resident and writer Sandi Stephens attended and offers the following account of the day. Sandi said "These gals started out lookin' real darlin'."

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Roatan Honduras  Ladies Smiling at  the West Bay Canopy

On metal cables, harnessed with hooks and wearing heavy gloves, we glided through treetops to eleven different platform locations, this site being the longer of the two tours available. Breathtaking views of the sea and the white sandy beach of West Bay interspersed with a close-up examination of a relatively unspoiled jungle.

It was a somewhat strenuous three hours and I was quite impressed with the endurance of some of these gals. Personally, I was parched, hardly able to get ample spit to swallow. These gals were an inspiration! They may have been a little sore in spots the next day, but the activity and companionship were invigorating! I speak for us all, I am sure. We had a most enjoyable time - quite an adrenaline rush. I certainly recommend it.

The very best part, though, was watching these women hop outta their air-conditioned vehicles - hair coiffed, makeup meticulous and donned in their darlingest shorts sets and matching strappy sandals - and proceed to lose any semblance of what they had considered their dignity! After a couple of platforms, the hair fell, the makeup ran, the sweat poured, the ensembles wrinkled and these women were giggling, laughing and truly enjoying themselves. It was wonderful to see and be a part of. A bond and camaraderie was created that had not been exhibited at former, more formal, luncheons. I do hope the majority of the women can cling to and enjoy their renewed selves…if only for a while.

A memory to keep: Barbara Bougerie commented, grinning ear to ear, and on several occasions how proud Dick, her late husband, would be of her. A great day!


Sandi Stephens
Sandy Bay, Roatan

This article also appears in the September 2003 issue of Bahia Magazine

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