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Are you planning your next SCUBA diving vacation? The island of Roatan Honduras is one of the world's top scuba diving vacation destinations. Located in the western Caribbean Sea at the second largest barrier reef in the world, this exotic tropical island has everything for your SCUBA diving vacation, wreck diving, scuba lessons and certification, fun dives, day or night. Roatan has plenty of diving resorts, as well as many small hotels and independent diving operators who offer outstanding diving opportunities at very competitive prices.

Roatan has a hyperbaric chamber located at the Cornerstone Medical Clinic at Anthony's Key Resort in Sandy Bay. Also, located at Anthony's Key Resort is IDC Anthonys Key Resort - Scuba Instructor Development Courses.

Check Roatan diving shops and resorts to see the diving packages offered, and choose Roatan your next diving vacation.

For information, contact these dive operators and resorts directly.
Roatan Latitude 16� North, Longitude 86� West

Check out these great dive shops and Roatan
diving resorts for packages offered!

West End

West Bay

Sandy Bay

Mid Island & East End


Paradise Hotels & Resorts

Underwater Photos from Roatan

Roatan Honduras Dive Sites

Choose Roatan Honduras for your Scuba diving vacation:

  • Wall Diving
  • Wreck Diving
  • Whale Sharks
  • Dive with Dolphins
  • Part of the World's 2nd Largest Living Coral Reefs
  • Brain Coral
  • Night Cave Diving
  • More than 32 Sites within a 15-minute boat ride
  • Outstanding Shore Diving
  • Many excellent dive operators
  • Roatan Hotel/Dive Packages that can't be beat

Matt Hoover Diving in Roatan Honduras

Photo of and contributed by Matt Hoover,
West End, Roatan, Bay Islands, Honduras

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Popular Dive Sites at Roatan Honduras:

Calvin's Crack

A plateau atop a shallow reef facing a wall, Calvin's Crack runs through the reef along narrows, widening to an exit along the outer wall.

Spooky Channel

This diving site is a little deeper, a former river valley formed this channel which opens to the barrier reef at 100 feet with a cathedral-like scenario. The side walls of the channel rise up to almost touch each other but still allow light to illuminate your way.

Barbareta Wall

3 miles offshore from Roatan, the uninhabited, hilly island of Barbareta offers undiscovered reefs replete with coral gardens, a dramatic mile-long wall, while the island is framed by white sandy beaches and coves; the wall is a continuous drop-off that usually offers great pelagic encounters.

West End Wall

A spectacular precipice borders a deep blue abyss, with pillar corals, Azure Vase Sponges and barrel sponges, while in the deeper water divers are likely to find themselves among schools of pelagics and Eagle Rays.

Enchanted Forest and Insidious Reef

West of Romeo's Resort, these two dives are part of a larger reef associated with an offshore bank. The drop-off begins from a series of rolling reefs that drop to 70' - 80', with Creole Wrasse and groupers in abundance among the diverse sponge and coral growth.

Connie's Dream

3-min from Romeo's Resort, this sloping drop-off provides tube and vase sponges among both red and purple tube sponges, while a seemingly endless system of tall coral heads and deep sand channels fall into the abyss.

Doc's Elbow

Directly in front of the entrance channel to Brick Bay Resort, this popular night dive provides divers with a variety of life, including octopus, reef crabs and lobsters. A short swim leads divers to the wall.

Mary's Place

Perhaps one of the most popular dive sites off Roatan, the dive starts at a permanent mooring buoy on the reef shelf, along a vertical crevice that drops from 40', with a huge section of the wall broken away from the main section to form a wide slit. Many smaller crevices invite exploration among bouquets of Rope and Tube Sponges, deepwater seafans and Black Coral. A sand shelf drops from 140' to 200', offering a magnificent underwater view.

Trunk Turtle Bay Beach

On Barbareta Island, great for snorkeling and shallow dives

Pigeon Cays

Three islets off Barbareta's south coast, with undiscovered dive sites.

Wreck Diving - "Prince Albert"

140' tanker

Wreck Diving - "El Aguila"

210' cargo boat perfectly sunk at 100 feet of water on a sandy bottom full of Deep Garden Eels. It has been adapted for penetration diving so you can descend onto open large compartments where you can surprise a number of fish in their homes. Adjacent to the boat runs the wall to finish off the dive among the shallow water tropical fish.

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Map of Diving Sites on Roatan Honduras

Source for portions of this Dive Site Information and Map:

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