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Books and Videos About Honduras, Roatan
and the Bay Islands

Here is a sampling of books and videos about Honduras, Roatan, and the Bay Islands that have information about the people, land, customs, diving, and archeology.

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Red At Dawn quickly captures its readers, wrapping them in the age-old dramas of intense greed, cruelty, rape, murder, and bitter-sweet romance. David K. Evans crafts a tight plot with vivid glimpses of the turbulent 1700s. Seen through the eyes of Peter Halsey, a young New England skipper of a fishing schooner captured by maniacal pirate Captain Ned Lukas, the tale swiftly unfolds onboard the aging brigantine Rebeckah, with ports-of-call and vivid drama that include the Slave Coast of West Africa; mid-ocean capture of a venerable Spanish Galleon; a slave market on the Spanish coast of Central America, and onward to the beautiful �deserted� shores of Roat�n. Drawing upon his knowledge from over four decades of research on the island, the author paints a vivid and exciting portrait of life among elusive maroons and castaways of the 1700s, largely gone unrecorded by History; describing their desperate attempt to survive and protect their women and freedom from vicious attacks by pirates who periodically invade the small island. It is here story soars.

Read about "modern day" pirates on Roatan in "The Judas Bird" by D.K. Evans. Until recently Roat�n was a little-known Caribbean island, but in 1995 an evil has descended. A small gang of murderous, modern day land-pirates abruptly become the law, terrorizing the island�s once peaceful population. Francisco Downer, an old man with a mysterious ability to see into the past is about to lose his family�s land to these pirates. To thwart this frightening evil, the old man turns to a young, prior Peace Corps volunteer who once lived in Francisco�s home. After an absence of five years, Todd returns to find the delicate fabric of the island�s peaceful culture under immediate threat, devastated by a cascade of rapid changes that leave terror and murder in their wake.

Interesting documentary produced by the Society for the Exploration and Preservation of Honduras - The Search For Ciudad Blanca and Quetzalcoatl: The Documentary. (SEPH): "Discover the Rio Platano Biosphere in Search of Ciudad Blanca" English/Spanish, DVD, VHS


D & S Honduras' Bay Islands (Diving & Snorkeling) Once a haven for pirates, 67 sleepy islands and cays off the Honduras mainland are now a budding ecotourism destination. The clear, warm waters are home to every fish species found in the Caribbean, as well as most hard corals, gorgonians and sponges. Renowned for wall diving, the region also boasts several wrecks, shallow reefs and fascinating blue-water sites. Visitors can swim with dolphins, while lucky divers may spot a passing whale shark. This book describes 74 of the best dive sites, with full-color photos throughout.
Roatan Relocation and Investment Guide, Edition II Roatan is the dream location, where the reality is even better than the dream. The Roatan Relocation and Investment Guide is designed to give you a wealth of information on such matters as Moving to Roatan, Day to Day Living, Residency Requirements, Real Estate, Building on Roatan, Going into Business on Roatan, Culture Shock, Transportation Guide, Getting to know Roatan, Bay Islands Free Tourist Zone, Renting and Investing in Rental Properties, Fun things to do on Roatan, as well as information on the other Bay Islands and La Ceiba. Each of these detailed chapters have been written, researched, and reviewed by people who have relocated, successfully created and run businesses, worked and profited though investments on Roatan.
Cruise Experience Caribbean Video Memories of the Region's Most Popular Destinations THE CARIBBEAN CRUISE EXPERIENCE DVD Relive the splendor and excitment of your Caribbean cruise with this beautifully produced interactive DVD. You'll see highlights of the regions most popular destinations plus an award-winning bonus program called "Above & Below the Caribbean." This is the perfect keepsake from your unforgetable cruise vacation - a video memory you'll enjoy sharing with friends and family alike.
Diving Roatan; A Video Guide Prepare for your trip to the island of Roatan, Honduras with this DVD travel guide. Explore the dive sites on Melissa's Reef, Mary's Place, the wreck of the Odyssey and more. Witness the majesty of diving with dolphins and the excitement of diving with sharks. Enjoy a zip line tour through the jungle canopy, curious monkeys and gorgeous tropical birds at Gumbalimba Park - all shot in crystal clear High Definition Video!

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