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Honduras Coffee - Mountain Shade Grown

In the past few years, the coffees of Honduras have received accolades in international competitions that once were dominated by Brazil, Costa Rica, and Guatemala. Now, discerning coffee drinkers all over the world are discovering the savory coffees of Honduras. The industry provides employment for many Honduran workers.

Coffee grows best and most aromatic when it is grown at 2500 feet or more altitude and when the land has been naturally fertilized, by time and seasons. The black humus soil is wooded and come from the decomposition of leaves and organic material over the years. In these areas, some forest clearing is performed, holes are made on the partially open patches and a year later, as the hole has acquired leaves and organic materials, the young plants are transplanted from the black bags that have been growing in protected areas. No chemical fertilizer is added to these plants to qualify the end product as “organic coffee”; the good taste does not come from the fact that organic farming has taken place, but by the shade, cool weather, and expert processing. Natural fertilizers can be added, such as a mixture of sawdust and chicken manure that has been properly aged. Much of the coffee in Honduras is not fertilized due to the high cost of fertilizer. Some organic fertilizer is used.

Honduras Coffee Honduras Coffee Honduras Coffee

Many of the Honduras coffee farms (fincas) offer tours so you can see for yourself how this great coffee is grown and processed. You can find information about this, as well as see many beautiful and informative pictures of the coffee from plant to bag by visiting these web sites, some offer online sales.

Cafe El Indio

Cafe Welchez

Cafe Miramundo

Cafe Copan

Finca las Canas - Ravenna Creek Coffee

Here are more sites where you can buy excellent Honduran coffee online:

Honduras Coffee Company

Sweet Maria's - Roast Your Own Beans; it's Easy!


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