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Mayan Ruins at Copan Ruinas, Honduras

These are photos of the Copan Ruins, which are known for beautiful temples, altars, and stellae. The stellae are large pillar-like stone carvings, in extremely intricate high-relief. They are a pictorial representation of the history of the city and ancient Honduras Culture. The hieroglyphs describe the power and politics of the the times. Impressive in detail and humbling in size, these unique sculptural monuments make Copan exceptional among the ruins of the ancient Maya civilization.

You can visit the Copan Ruins by taking a bus -- express (2.5 hrs) from San Pedro Sula, or take an air conditioned van, or rent a car. It is a pleasant drive, the highway usually is in very good condition. Hedman Alas provides 1st Class Bus Service: San Pedro Sula (& airport), Tegucigalpa, La Ceiba, Copan Ruinas, and Tela. Several tour operators also offer transportation packaged with hotel and tour.

The town of Copan Ruinas has plenty of small hotels, a couple larger ones, and many restaurants, as well as several internet cafes, to make your visit to the Mayan Ruins at Copan, Honduras comfortable as well as interesting. There is a new bird park Macaw Mountain Bird Park & Reserve where you can see native parrots and macaws and learn about efforts to preserve these exotic birds and their habitats. Be sure to visit Twisted Tanya Restaurant and Bar and tour the Cafe Miramundo coffee plantation when your visiting Copan Ruinas. If you want to visit, here is a listing of Copan Ruinas Hotels.

Colonial Town of Copan Ruinas, HondurasCentral Park at Copan Ruinas TownCopan Ruins, HondurasCopan Ruins, Honduras
Mayan Ruins at CopanView of Altar at Copan Ruins, from Thresholds.netMayan Ruins at CopanMayan Ruins at Copan

Most of these pictures were taken on a personal visit to the Ruins, but two are from a website called The Thresholds. These two photos were not compressed because I did not want to sacrifice detail shown in them, or "tinker" with someone else's excellent pictures. I hope you find them worth the wait.

The Ruins Aren't Falling - But We think the photographer was.
Copan Ruins, Honduras

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