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Honduras National Parks, Reserves & Refuges

Honduras is home to fantastic biodiversity with more than 700 species of birds including the harpy eagle, and populations of rare jaguars, pumas, ocelots, giant anteaters, tapir, and mantled howler monkeys. Honduras has the region's most extensive tracts of cloud forest and the largest remaining area of primary forest. The Moskitia region is one of the world's few remaining undisturbed true wildernesses, and visiting it is an unforgettable experience for ecotourists.

Parks and reserves already protect all eight major life zones in the country, yet comprise only about half of the total 25,000 square kilometers earmarked for eventual protection. Although the ecotourism business in Honduras has yet to adopt the sophisticated marketing techniques of other countries in the region, many tour operators offer packages to attract the "green" traveler. Here are some of the more accessible national parks, reserves, anf refuges in Honduras.

National Parks

Barbareta Marine National Park (Bay Islands)

Capiro-Calentura National Park and Guaimoreto Lagoon Wildlife Refuge

Celaque National Park

Cusuco National Park

La Muralla

La Tigra

Montana de Yoro

Montecristo-Trifinio Cloudforest

Pico Bonito

Pico Pijol Cloud Forest

Punta Sal

Sierra de Agalta


Bay Islands Marine Reserves

Biosphere Reserve/Reserva de la Biosfera Rio Platano

Reserva de Vida Silvestre Laguna Guaimoreto


Bahia de Chismuyo

Lagunas de Invierno

Laguna de Caratasca

Cuero y Salado Wildlife Refuge



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